The Explanation window is an HTML based window showing marked up pages based on the selection by the user.

The page shows things like:

  • The parameter name or expression;
  • Its accompanying description;
  • Connected illustrations and documentations;
  • Parameter value (if a value in a solution is selected);
  • Connected relations and/or constraints;
  • Content of the data slot;
  • etc. 


The (HTML) content is generated automatically on the basis of the content of the Knowledge base. In other words, the Knowledge Engineer is able to manipulate the presented information by means of the reference text in the Frame Viewer, connected pitures and documentation, etc. Realize that the Explanation window cannot be edited. See also Documentation of knowledge how to document your knowledge using pictures etc. When no illustration is connected, it will show either the default picture or the QBackground picture, when the QBinary object is added to the knowledge base with a QBackground picture (see the Quasetor constants overview ).

The information topics to be presented in the explanation window can be configured in the Explanation tab of the Options window (Tools>Options...).


General User Interface 

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