Quaestor constants and reserved parameters


Quaestor has reserved parameter names for constants and QuaestorType parameters.
You can add them to your knowledge base by simply double clicking on the parameters in the knowledge base Quaestor>Constants. When you click on a constant that is only relevant in relation to other constants, all related constants will be added. See QBinaries for example. The following constants are available in Quaestor.

Numbers behind constants are references to Wikipedia. 

Physical constants [1]    
Constant descriptionNameValueDimensionDomain
Gravitational acceleration [2]Qg%9.80665 [m/s2]Gravitation
Gravitational constant [3]QG6.673*10-11 [N*m2/kg2]Gravitation
Avogadro constant [4]QNA6.023*1023[1/mol]Quantity of matter
Gas constant [5]QR%8.314[J*K-1/mol]Thermodynamics
Boltzmann constant [6]Qk1.381*10-23[J/K]Radiation
Stefan Boltxman constant [7]QSigma5.670*10-8 [W*m-2/K4]Radiation
Rydberg constant [8]QRhc1.097*107[1/m]Physics
Planck constant [9]Qh%6.626*10-34[J*s]Quantum mechanics
Light speed in vacuum [10]Qc%2.998*108[m/s]Light speed
Charge of proton [11]Qe1.602*10-19[C]Quantum mechanics
Mass of electron [12]QMe9.109*10-31[kg]Quantum mechanics
Rest energy of electron [13]QEe0.511[MeV]Quantum mechanics
One atomic mass unit [14]Qu1.66*10-27[kg]Quantity of matter
Atomic mass unit energy equivalent [15]QEu931.5[MeV]Nuclear physics
Electric constant [16]QEps08.854*10-12[F/m]Electricity
Magnetic constant [17]QMu04*PI*10-7[H/m]Magnetism
Bohr magneton constant [18]QMuB9.274*10-24[A*m2]Nuclear physics
Nuclear magneton constant [19]QMuN5.051*10-27[A*m2]Nuclear physics
Fine structure constant [20]QAlpha7.297*10-3[-]Physics
Compton wavelength constant of electron [21]QLambdaC2.426*10-12[m]Quantum mechanics
Bohr radius constant [22]Qa05.2918*10-11[m]Nuclear physics
Carriage return-line feed string constant [23]QcrlfCHR$(13)+CHR$(10)[Str]Standard string value
Use for version management    
Constant descriptionNameValue Domain
Indication of the knowledge base version (automatically added to any new knowledge base).QKnowledgebaseVersion1.0 by default
changable by KE
Solution title (automatically added for Taxonomies)QSolutionTitle-[Str]Quaestor
Use of binary data    
Constant descriptionNameValue Domain
Binary database objectQBinaries-[Obj]Quaestor
Binary database binary valueQBinaryPart of QBinary[Str]Quaestor
Binary database binary IDQBinaryIDPart of QBinary[Str]Quaestor
Binary database default valueQBackgroundPart of QBinary[Str]Quaestor
Binary database number of valuesQNrOfBinariesPart of QBinary[#]Quaestor
Use of taxonomies    
Constant descriptionNameValue Domain
Taxonomy databaseQTaxonomy-[Obj]Quaestor
Taxonomy IDQTaxonomyIDPart of QTaxonomy[Str]Quaestor
Entity objectQEntityPart of QTaxonomy[Obj]Quaestor
Entity value comment QEntityCom Part of QTaxonomy [Str]Quaestor 
Entity object data & attributes QEntityData Part of QTaxonomy [Str]Quaestor 
Entity description document or image QEntityDoc Part of QTaxonomy [Str]Quaestor 
Entity IDQEntityID Part of QTaxonomy[Str]Quaestor
Entity indexQEntityIndexPart of QTaxonomy[#]Quaestor
Entity input valuesQEntityInputPart of QTaxonomy[Str]Quaestor 
Entity nameQEntityNamePart of QTaxonomy[Str]Quaestor
Entity object referenceQEntityRef Part of QTaxonomy[Str]Quaestor
Entity parameter or expressionQFramePart of QTaxonomy[Str]Quaestor
Entity parameter and expression data & attributes QFrameDataPart of QTaxonomy[Str]Quaestor
Entity parameter and expression reference QFrameRefPart of QTaxonomy[Str]Quaestor
Entity parameter and expression propertiesQFrameProp Part of QTaxonomy[Str]Quaestor 
Entity knowledgeQFramesPart of QTaxonomy[Obj]Quaestor


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