Knowledge Engineer Tutorials for Quaestor basics

The tutorials for knowledge engineers provide a solid training for the use of Quaestor. You should learn all about parameters, relations, objects, solutions and the intrinsic functions in the program.

Please note that we always assume you use the latest Quaestor release. Any changes to the tutorials required due to a new release will be done the moment this version is released.

If you have any problem or question during the Tutorials that are not answered, or you discover that some of the Tutorials do not work the way you expect, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always interested in feedback and improvement to our products.

Available tutorials on classic knowledge bases and scenario based applications:

Please go to the KE Taxonomy Tutorials to learn more about using and developing Taxonomy type knowledge bases.

For more example knowledge bases you can also visit the website: click here for the examples. In most browsers the link will open in a separate window

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