The QKnowledgebaseVersion is a special parameter enabling the Knowledge Engineer to manage versions of a knowledge base while leaving the file name the same.

Please realize that that Quaestor will use the file name of a knowledge base to associate a project file to the accompanying knowledge base. Therefore, changing file names between versions of knowledge bases is a good approach for major releases (in which it might make sense to break the association between an existing project file and this new knowledge base), but for minor releases this is not convenient.

QKnowledgebaseVersion has special behavior. It is a parameter with the SYL determined by property and a fixed knowledge base value (Fixed KB value).

Normally, when you restart a solution in project containing SYL parameters with fixed knowledge base values, the SYL parameters of the project will not change in the solution, even when their value is changed in the knowledge base the project is based on. This is because, after the parameter is introduced in the solution, it is accepted as input. Only new solutions will use the new Fixed KB values!

The QKnowledgebaseVersion parameter however will always change to the latest Fixed KB value. In other words, when you restart your solution in a project based on an old knowledge base, with a new knowledge base, it will contain the new value for QKnowledgebaseVersion indicating the new knowledge is used.

See also Quaestor version management.

In the Dataset part of the QKnowledgebaseVersion parameter you can use special attribute to manager behaviour for the total knowledge based system, such as @NORANGEALLOWED, @NOSPACESINPROJECT@REPLACESPACESINPROJECT@PROJECT_CREATION_REQUIRES_KE_RIGHTS and the standard attribute @SHOWASFIRST.

Starting with Quaestor version, the following attributes can be used in the Dataset of the QKnowledgebaseVersion parameter for changing the text displayed by the Start, Stop and Process Manager buttons in the Workbase: 

Default value = "Data input"

Default value = "Next"

Default value = "Stop input"

Default value = "New Solution"

Default value = "Restart " + ProcessName(DataThread)

Default value = "Return to Parent"

Default value = "Processing..."

Default value = "Process Manager"
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