The parameter attribute @WBNAME is used to define the parameter presentation name in the Knowledge Browser and in the Workbase.



Place @WBNAME:PresentationName in the data slot of the parameter



  • PresentationName is the alternative name to present the parameter. This is a convenient way in case you would like to use special characters (spaces, mathematical characters, etc.) in a parameter name to be presented to the user, that are not allowed in the name used for the syntax. Or to get rid of special characters required in the syntax you do not want to show to the user (#, $, etc.).
  • See also Documentation of knowledge


Presentation of the parameters in the Workbase also depends on the presentation option selected in the combobox above the list in the Workbase.

Member of functional group: Presentation

Member of knowledge base type: Classic and general typeScenario type and Taxonomy type





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