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This tool item is required to use after modification of RTF documents you use as template in combination with the WINWORD$() function.

Unfortunately, text processor programs make changes to the RTF syntax of a document that might conflict with the included TEMPLATE$() syntax required as part of the WINWORD$() function. In order to repair these changes, you should always use this tool prior to releasing the modified template.

The tool will generate a report providing feedback on the syntax in the template document. Furhtermore, it will store the original template document under a name with time stamp, save te corrected document under the original name and will store the log file. All on the original place.

When you select the menu option, a file dialog will open in the default knowledge base applic directory requesting for the template. After selecting the template, Quaestor will ask for the character used as delimiter in the template syntax (# bij default) and then it will check the document.

After checking, it will first inform whether errors where found in either the document or the syntax logic (nested labels etc. see TEMPLATE$() function). This if followed by the opening of a report providing feedback on corrections and syntax logic. After returning to Quaestor you are informed where the documents are stored.


Quaestor interface 

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