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First you have to include a group of standard Quaestor parameters on the basis of which Quaestor makes available its Taxonomy related functionality.

  • Start Quaestor program, select File > New > Knowledge base. Click on Newqkb in the Knowledge Browser to put the focus on a new empty knowledge base, then open the Constants node below the Quaestor node and select the QTaxonomy object:

  • Double-click on the QTaxonomy object and click OK in the window that pops up.

The knowledge base now contains a group of standard Taxonomy parameters and the QTaxonomy object is automatically introduced in the Dataset of the Workbase,

The QTaxonomy object can be regarded as being a container of the Taxonomy to be created. Now you can start building your Taxonomy!

Although a Taxonomy is created in the Dataset of the Workbase, it is considered to be knowledge and not data!

The development or modification of taxonomies is restricted to Knowledge Engineers.

As some of the related standard parameters are hidden in the normal user mode, you have to select Tools -> Options -> Modeler and check the “Show hidden data” option. You can toggle this option with Ctrl+H.


  • Select File -> Save as.. to save your knowledge base. Name it something useful.

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