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SELECT returns a selected data element from a Telitab set or a list of arguments


  1. SELECT(Pno%, 1, "ColLab$", Elem%)
  2. SELECT(0, Npoints%, x_1, y_1, x_2, y_2,..., Elem%)
  3. SELECT(@ObjFn(..), 1, @ObjColPar, Elem%)
  4. SELECT(Telitab$, 1, "ColLab$", Elem%)


  • Pno% is the number that refers to the TeLiTab sets in the Data slot. Pno% should be an integer value or a parameter which is assigned an integer value and is the number of theTeLiTab set in the expressions' data slot.
  • Npoints% is the number of points (x,y) that are given in direct definition.
  • @ObjFn() refers to the Object from which data will be used.
  • TeLiTab$ refers to the string parameter that contains the TeLiTab.
  • Ndim% is the number of dimensions (or columns in the table...).
  • "ColLab$_1" and @ObjColPar_1 etc refer to the columns that will be used
  • Elem% is the actual element you want to base your selection on


  1. See also Telitab access for a generic description on the use of TeLiTab data
  2. Similar to other Data analysis functions, the SELECT is a convenient way to evaluate data. Please also look at these functions for syntax examples


Syntax 1: Telitab in Dataslot

The way this function is operated is illustrated using an example in which syntax 1 is used, the TeLiTab is addressed in the Dataslot.

SELECT(1, 1, "YC", x)

With the following Telitab set in the Data slot:


2 "XC" "YC" 
"1" 1 1 
"2" 2 4 
"3" 3 9 
"4" 4 16 
"5" 5 25 
"6" 6 36 
"7" 7 49 
"8" 8 64 
"9" 9 81 
"10" 10 100|

Returns 64 for x = 8.

Syntax 2: Direct definintion

The function:

SELECT(0, 3, 45.4, 23.0, 10.8, x)

returns 10.8 for x = 3.


Quick links: Functions overview | Attribute overview | Constants overview | Dimensions overview

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