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TeLiTab is an abbreviation of TextListTable (see TeLiTab for more detail). It is the standard format in which data is stored inside Quaestor, the easiest way to use data inside a knowledge based systems and the easiest way to exchange data with external applications (see also Use of external or satellite programs). An example of a telitab is given below, the black text to the right is comment and is not present in the actual telitab.


   "Lpp" 100
   "B" 20 
      2 "R" "V" 
      "1" 1000 10 
      "2" 1200 11
      "3" 1300 12
      "4" 1400 13
      "5" 1500 14
      "6" 1600 15

Number of list items in primary Telitab
Name of List item
Opening secondary Telitab
Number of list items
List item 1, name + value
List item 2 name + value
List item 3, which is a Telitab
Opening tertiary Telitab
Number of list items (in this case zero)
Number of table parameters and their names
Dataset per case

Closing tertiary Telitab 
Closing secondary Telitab 
Primary Telitab does not need to be closed