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Moreover, a knowledge base can contain "static" or generic data. With static data we mean data that is constant and can be seen as knowledge (information, data with a meaning). 

Please note that the extension has been changed from *.qkb to *.qkb3 since the introduction of Quaestor 3. The binary has a different format, which is upgraded from *.qkb to *.qkb3 when you open an old knowledge base in Quaestor 3.

Knowledge based system

Together with Quaestor, it makes the development platform for knowledge based systems.

Quaestor logoQuaestor knowledge base logo

Quaestor (.exe) + Knowledge base (.qkb3) = knowledge based system: A combination used by Knowledge Engineers.


Furthermore, it is the fundament for a Quaestor project file that contains al project specific data and solutions in the knowledge based system.

Quaestor logoQuaestor knowledge base logo Quaestor project file logo

Quaestor Quaestor (.exe) + Knowledge base + Project base (.qkb3)+ Project (.qpf3) = (knowledge based) application: A combination used by End-Users or Domain Experts.