MARIN software is secured with MARIN’s Simple License Library (SLL) licensing. There are two kinds of SLL licenses, node locked licenses and floating licenses.

A node locked license is a license that can be used on one PC. It is created for that PC and will not work on another PC. Floating licenses are licenses that are installed on a license server and that can be used by PCs that have network access to that license server. Floating licenses are used to share a limited amount of licenses among a larger group of users.

This document describes how to use floating licenses on Windows.

The system that needs to use a floating license, needs access to a license server. The license server runs on a Windows system.* This can be a Windows Server but also another Windows 10 workstation or laptop. The license server is light weight and does not need a lot of resources. The license server can service both Windows and Linux clients, as long as they are on the same network.

SLL Server and client mix

How to set up a license server can be found in Setting up an SLL license server. Setting up a license server is done by the License Administrator. This usually is a System Administrator.

To find the license server, the client needs the SLL client configuration file, sll_client.cfg, in one of the locations mentioned below.

* A Linux license server is available for certain Linux distributions upon request. Please send an email to for more information.

SLL client configuration file

MARIN SLL Licensing needs a configuration file, sll_client.cfg. This file enables the user to switch between a node locked license and a floating license easily. The contents of this file, for a floating license is:
	<local enabled="false" />
	<server enabled="true" host="yourlicenseserver.server.local" port="32481" />

Replace yourlicenseserver.server.local by the hostname or DNS name of your license server. Replace the portnumber by the portnumber specified by your license administrator, if he changed the default portnumber of the license server (32481).

Locations of the SLL client configuration file

MARIN SLL license files and/or client configuration files can be stored in one of the following default locations on Windows:
C:\Program Files\marin\licenses
C:\Program Files (x86)\marin\licenses

These locations do not exist on your PC by default. You need to create one of them if they do not exist yet. 

C:\ProgramData is an invisible folder.

MARIN SLL license files and/or client configuration files can be stored in other locations on your PC. If you do so, please make sure that location is stored in environment variable MARIN_LICENSE_PATHS. Several license locations can be stored in this environment variable. They have to be separated with a semicolon(";"). For more information on how to set this variable in Windows, please read Adding the MARIN_LICENSE_PATHS environment variable.

Please do not add the MARIN_LICENSE_PATH environment variable if the license and/or the client configuration file is in one of the default locations

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