This page describes how to create a folder for your MARIN SLL license and how to store it.

Create a folder

MARIN SLL license files and/or client configuration files can be stored in one of the following default locations on Linux:


On this page we explain how to create the opt/marin/licenses folder.

  1. Open a terminal.

  2. In the terminal type "sudo mkdir -p /opt/marin/licenses" and press Enter. You will be prompted for your password. In the license folders you do not have write permission by default. That's why you have to use sudo.

    Not enough priviliges

    If you get an error, stating that you are not in the sudoers list, you do not have enough user rights. Please ask your System Administator to create the folders and put your license in there for you.

Storing the license

Once a location for your license is created you have to store your license there. If the folder to store the license was created as described above, the current user still does not have write access in that folder. The sudo command has to be used again.

  1. Store the file in your home directory. You have write access there. 
  2. Open a terminal in your home directory.

  3. Move the license file to the location where you want to store it by typing "sudo mv <your_license_filename.sll> /opt/marin/licenses". Replace <your_license_filename.sll> by the name and extension of your license file.