This page describes how to set the MARIN_LICENSE_PATHS environment variable in Scientific Linux.

  In this example we assume that you created a folder called Licenses in your HOME directory.
  1. Open a Terminal

  2. In the Terminal type "gedit .bashrc". Do not forget the dot in front of bashrc. Otherwise an empty text file will be opened.

    You can use any Linux text editor that you're familiar with and that is available on your system.

  3. A text editor will open:
  4. At the end of the text file add:

    # MARIN License Path environment variable

    The result should look like this:

  5. Save the file. The * in front of .bashrc, in the title bar of the GEdit text editor, will disappear. You can now close the editor. 
  6. To make sure everything is set as you wish, open a new Terminal. It has to be a new Terminal since the .bashrc file is evaluated when you open the Terminal.
    In the new Terminal, type "set" and press Enter. The command will generate a lot of output. Scroll up until you see MARIN_LICENSE_PATHS.



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