Every user of Quaestor is limited to a maximum user level, defined either in a license string on the local computer or provided by the license manager. This user level limits the freedom to use and manipulate knowledge in the knowledge management system.

To check your user level go to the menu and select: Help>About Quaestor. This overview will shows information about Quaestor, your license and your user level. The product ID tells you whether you have a local license string (a code is shown) or a license server is used. The "Max user level" tells you your present maximum user level.

Quaestor distinguishes three user levels. The appropiate user level is based on the application of Quaestor and the license that is used. The user interface is different for each user level, so make sure to find out what kind of user you are before commencing a knowledge base. You might be able to change the user level when the appropiate license is available in General tab of the Tools>Options window.

Note: The demo version of Quaestor supports the most advanced user level (Knowledge Engineer), but is limited to a knowledgebase containing less than 100 frames.

Click [here] to open a spreadsheet presenting a the matrix of user rights for user levels. 

End User

The End User (EU) level is the basic level for the use of standard knowledge bases as applications. It allows users to start a predefined scenario or macro and re-use his or her existing solutions. An EU can neither create new models (solutions) based on available knowledge, nor add, change or remove knowledge. Solutions based on taxonomies can be opened, viewed and recalculated as long as no changes are made to the tree structure (the hierarchy of the model). Changes to the structure requires the next level.

Domain Expert

The Domain Expert (DE) level is the advanced level to use knowledge in its most flexible form. This level allows users not only to run more than one predefined scenario or macro but also to build their own Solutions based on the available knowledge and taxonomies in a (protected) knowledge base. Similar to End Users, a Domain Expert can neither change, nor add or remove knowledge.

Knowledge Engineer

The Knowledge Engineer (KE) level is the highest user level also allowing users to build and maintain knowledge bases. Knowledge bases that are protected as End User or Domain Expert application can only be adapted after providing a password.

General protection and limitations

A knowledge base or project can be protected (see also Knowledge base protection ). When a knowledge base is protected on a given user level, the user level of the actual user is the lowest of either the system user level or knowledge base user level.

Also a free Demo/Reader version is available. This version has the same rights as the Knowledge Engineer, but only for knowledge bases with less than 100 frames.

Click [here] to open a spreadsheet presenting a the matrix of user rights for user levels.

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  1. For the time being, Quaestor 3.1 will only support stand alone use.

    FlexNET licensing is being implemented to support floating licensing functionality.