Tutorial 3
Ship configurator 

The ship configurator, Tuturial 1 and 2 combined

This tutorial is the same as the combination of the previous two on-line tutorials but provided as download for off-line use.

Download total tutorial 

Download all required information through the button above

Due to some important fixes, the tutorial will only work for Quaestor version 2.47.x and higher. If you do not see this version on the download area, please do not hesitate to contact us to receve this version.

The download will contain:

  • The document describing the use and development of the Ship configurator
  • The example knowledge base: SHIP_CONFIGURATOR.QKB
  • Several templates to use in combination with the configurator (they are embedded in the example knowledge base but can be used and studied separately):
    • tutorial_taxonomy_maindimensions.rtf
    • tutorial_deck_data.rtf
    • report.rtf
    • Example.xls
  • Two illustrations to use in combination with the configurator:
    • reference_planes.bmp
    • coordinate_system.bmp 

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