The Quaestor project file database provides the required functionality for data management over collections of Quaestor project files.

This application enables the connection between individual Quaestor projects and a project database. An SQL database in combination with a Windows service is used as project file database to store Quaestor projectsQDB is the windows service and manages storing of, retrieving of and querying on Quaestor projects in the database. By means of this service, queries over all projects can be carried out and results can be used as input in existing or new Quaestor projects.

QDB advantages:

  • It helps searching archived projects through the "Find Project..." option in Quaestor;
  • It enables retrieving previous version of a project through the "Project history..." option in Quaestor;
  • Use all dataset data from previous projects in new projects; 
  • Selecting data from several projects and be able to use this in new knowledge bases (for instance for regression studies); 

In addition to the above functionality, future development focuses on further streamlining query formulations, creating macro mechanisms and storing solutions and knowledge in addition to the project datasets. 

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