On this page you can find the required tools if you want to personally repeat part of the Sub-systems or general functionality testing (see Testing Quaestor and KB-Systems ).

The check what is the latest public release, click here


The following items are required to test Queastor: 

  1. For Classic knowledge based systems and Scenario applications:
    1. [qnowledge_test_base.zip]
    2. [qnowledge_release_project.zip]
    3. [quaestor_qnowledge.qkb_test_procedure.doc]
  2. For Taxonomy/Configurator applications
    1. [qnowledgeConfigurator_test_base.zip]
    2. [qnowledgeConfigurator_release_project.zip];
    3. [quaestor_qnowledgeConfigurator.qkb_test_procedure.doc];

Download the tools and read the accompanying documentation. Any missing information will be available soon. 

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