General Information 

The Quaestor License Manager is a server application required to use Quaestor in combination with concurrent user licences. Concurrent user licences enable organisations to be more flexible using Quaestor applications.

The QLM is a Windows service on a local area network that can manage how many, who and with what kind of user rights Quaestor can be used. When using the QLM to manage licencing, you can simply install Quaestor on any workstation (which by default will work as a Demo/Reader version). By providing the address and port-number of the QLM service during the activation procedure of Quaestor, you can use Quaestor on any workstation in the organisation, depending on the user and the number of licences available.

The QLM is provided with a Web interface. This enables easy access to the QLM through an Internet Explorer browser on any computer on the network connected to the server with the QLM


QLM web interface login screen 

QLM can be downloaded for free: click here... 
The QLM manual provides all installation instructions for both the QLM and Quaestor in combination with concurrent user licences. For your local copy of the manual click here

Issues with uninstalling a Service 

QLM roadmap 
MakeID roadmap

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