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The QAppGuiSettings file contains settings that will prevent the user from viewing and/or opening certain frames (e.g. Workbase, Knowledge Browser), menus and toolbars.

When editing the file:

  • Include all the tag entries for the desired options
  • The unwanted options can be either left out or set to false
  • The tags must be correctly spelled; they are case sensitive
  • The values can be either true or false

These options are loaded on top of the QAppProfileWindows file and cannot be changed by the user of the application.

This is a full example of an QAppGuiSettings file: QAppGUISettings.txt

Adding the file

To add the QAppGuiSettings to an application following these steps:

  1. Create the desired QAppGuiSettings file
  2. Open the knowledgebase
  3. Make sure that the hidden data is visible
  4. Search for QBinaries parameter in the knowledge Browser and double click on it to add it to the knowledge base 
  5. Search for the QAppGuiSettings parameter in the Knowledge Browser and drag&drop it to the Workbase in your QBinaries object

  6. Right-click on the "Value " and use the Dataset --> Include binary data... (Ctrl+B) from the context menu to load the corresponding file
  7. Save the knowledge base
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