All options related to general Quaestor use:


Things you can modify are:

  • The User level, whether you can upgrade your level will depend on your license...
  • Create new and switch to another settings file or delete any (old) profile. This is especially convenient for developers when developing different knowledge bases. You can use different setting profiles for each knowledge base so that you can change folder settings etc with one switch of profile. Please note that you can only switch profiles or create a new one when you have no opened knowledge bases;
  • Enable Automatic Update and Check for updates, this will make sure that when updates are available, they will be downloaded automatically;
  • Quaestor will always try to get its latest documentation from the Wiki on To check whether their is any problem with, Quaestor will check connection to the website using a simple Ping command [1]. As some company networks do not allow this command, you can turn it off. If you get [PingError|an error message] please deselect the option.
  • Define the default set of Frame Attributes. This is highly specialised. Please contact Qnowledge for more details. 


Quaestor interface | Tools > Options... | Options Files

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