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The Domain Expert (DE) level is the advanced level to use knowledge in its most flexible form.

As for End Users, Domain Experts always work in a project. This level allows users not only to run more than one predefined scenario or macro but also to build their own solutions based on the available knowledge and taxonomies in a (protected) knowledge base. Similar to End Users, a Domain Expert can neither change, nor add or remove knowledge. For modifications to the knowledge base an knowledge engineer level is required.

A knowledge base can be provided with a maximum user level and project can be protected against unauthorised use or modification (see Knowledge base protection for more detail). The user level, valid for a protected knowledge base, is the lowest of either the system user level or knowledge base user level. For example, when a Knowledge Engineer level is purchased with the Software but a knowledge base, protected as End User, is opened, it can only be used at End User level. A Domain Expert has the rights to password protect projects. Avoiding unauthorised use or modification of the solutions inside a project. 

The following matrix provides information on the possibilities and limitations of the different user levels. Click [here] to open a spreadsheet presenting a the matrix of user rights for user levels. 


End User Knowledge Engineer

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