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The main dimensions and a table of deck data will be written to an Excel file. In here, the total deck area will be calculated and the result will be sent back to Quaestor in the parameter Total_deck_area.

  • First, store the Excel file Example.xls in the current applications directory (either of the knowledge base, located in Kbs\_<KnowledgeBaseName>\Applic, or the general Applic directory in My Knowledge).
  • Create the following parameters in the Knowledge Browser:

Parameter name


Determined by


In Class



USL: User of System/function

Data written to Excel sheet




USL: User of System/function

Excel file name




USL: User of System/function

Total deck area calculated by Excel



  • Include the following parameters in entity Data to Excel: Loa, Lpp, Boa, Dm, Data_to_excel$, Deck_data#, File_name_Excel$ and Total_deck_area.
  • Create the following relations in Entity “Data to Excel”:

Loa = ENTITY#(xx).Loa where “xx” is the QEntityID value of entity Main Dimensions.

Lpp = ENTITY#(xx).Lpp where “xx” is the QEntityID value of entity Main Dimensions.

Boa = ENTITY#(xx).Boa where “xx” is the QEntityID value of entity Main Dimensions.

Dm = ENTITY#(xx).Dm where “xx” is the QEntityID value of entity Main Dimensions.

Deck_data# = ENTITY#ENTITY#(xx).Deck_data# where “xx” is the QEntityID value of entity Decks.

File_name_Excel$ = "Deck_data_" + STR$(TIME(0)) + ".xls"

Total_deck_area = Data_to_excel$.Total_deck_area

  • To show computed values set attribute @SHOW on QEntityData.

Parameter Data_to_Excel$ contains the EXCEL#() function. The EXCEL#() function returns the result of an EXCEL spreadsheet calculation in TeLiTab format. See the wiki for a detailed description of EXCEL#() function. 

  • Create the relation as shown below.

Data_to_excel$ = EXCEL#(1,"NullString",File_name_Excel$,"NullString",TEXTITEM$(1),TEXTITEM$(2),Deck_data#, Loa, Lpp, Boa, Dm)

Expression Data:

"Loa"                        "Deck data.Loa"
"Lpp"                        "Deck data.Lpp"
"Boa"                        "Deck data.Boa"
"Dm"                         "Deck data.Dm"
"Name$"                        "Deck data.Name of deck(2)"
"Deck_function$"               "Deck data.Function(3)"
"Z"                            "Deck data.Height [m](4)"
"X_aft"                        "Deck data.Aft position [m](5)"
"X_front"                      "Deck data.Front position [m](6)"
"Area"                         "Deck data.Area [m^2](7)"
"Total_deck_area"              "Deck data.Totaldeckarea"

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