In Quaestor the compose text window enables the user to create new text items based on text fragments in the Workbase or Knowledge Browser (depending on where the window was initiated).

Compose Text

The Compose Text tool can be initiated in the Knowledge Browser by selecting an item and select Compose Text... in the right mouse menu. In the Workbase you can initiate the window by selecting an item, initiate the right mouse menu, and select Solution>Compose Text Value...

Whether the option is available will depend on the type of value (only strings can be opened) and whether the window is already open.

The Compose Text tool can be used to create new documents on the basis of previous ones. When you press the Copy button the text in the upper part will be copied to the lower edit part. Further more you can selectm, copy and past from the upper part into the lower part using the right mouse menu in the Compose Text window.

When you press Save, in the Knowledge Browser you will be requested to provide a file name. In the Workbase the result will be saved asstring value in the cell being in focus at that moment. However, this is only possible when you have the right to modify values, thus during a dialog or in the dataset

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