Each MARIN software product is protected with a license code. To be able to use the software product a valid license must be used. MARIN uses two licensing models, online licensing (trusted storage-based) and offline licensing (certificated-based). 

  • Offline licensing (Certificate-based) generates license certificates that are stored in license files. These license files are textfiles that are protected by authenticated signatures and that have the extension ".lic".
  • Online licensing (Trusted storage-based) writes license rights in the form of fulfillment records to a secure area, called trusted storage, on your local machine

Fulfillment records in trusted storage can be read only by the Marin software product. 

  • Marin supports two types of licenses:
  • Node locked license: Node-locking means the MARIN software product can be used on one system only (for the Trusted storage-based and Certificate-based license model).
  • Floating license: a floating license means anyone on the network can use the MARIN software product, up to the limit specified in the license file or fulfillment record. Floating licenses requires a license server manager and a MARIN license daemon to be running to count the concurrent usage of licenses (only for the Certificate-based license model)


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