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When you use the application with a license file that has expired, you might get an error -96.

This is a floating license error (License server machine is down or not responding) because the application is looking for a server even though that server is not mentioned in the MARINLMD_LICENSE_FILE registry key.

To find out where the application is looking for license files and license servers, you need to create a new environment variable called FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS, set it's value to 1 and restart the application.

This will result in extra diagnostic information in the error popup, when the application searches for a license file or a license server and cannot find a valid license. In the popup you will see “License path:” followed by the expired license.

Remove this license from your system.

Now restart the application and make sure the application searches for a license again. You should now get the FlexNET license finder popup in which you can specify the correct license server or license file. 

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