Further information:

Release aNyMOOR v1.2.9 - July 2020

Release aNyMOOR v1.2.8 - November 2016

Release aNyMOOR v1.2.7 - February 2016

Release aNyMOOR v1.2.6 - October 2014

Bug fix v1.2.6:

Release aNyMOOR v1.2.5 - September 2014

Bug fix v1.2.5:

Release aNyMOOR v1.2.4 - August 2014

Bug fixes v1.2.4:

Release aNyMOOR v1.2.3 - August 2014

Bug fixes v1.2.3: 

aNyMoor v1.2.3 release date is 18 February 2014.

Release aNyMOOR v1.2.2 - January 2014

Bug fixes v1.2.2: 

aNyMoor v1.2.2 release date is 12 December 2013.

Release aNyMOOR v1.2.1 - October 2013

Bug fixes v1.2.1: 

aNyMoor v1.2.1 release date is 21 October 2013

Release aNyMOOR v1.2 - January 2013

aNyMoor v1.2 is the successor of aNyMoor v1.1.6 which was only available for JIP participants. Now the software is also commercially available with a complete redesign of the workflow including: