Release v1.2.3

Bug fixes v1.2.3: 

aNyMoor v1.2.3 release date is soon.


Release v1.2.2

Bug fixes v1.2.2: 

  1. Fixed bug in fender normals (ANYM-342)
  2. Small bug fixes.

 aNyMoor v1.2.2 release date is 12 December 2013.


Release v1.2.1

Bug fixes v1.2.1: 

  1. Fixed wrong calculation of catenary span for MBM lines (ANYM-333)
  2. aNyMoor provides a warning when z=0 is defined for anchor points. Fixes crash (ANYM-334)
  3. User defined material properties are now copied correctly when defining a leg with small diameter changes (ANYM-335)
  4. aNyMoor now calculates the fender normals in the direction from connection 1 to connection 2 (ANYM-337).
  5. aNyMoor now checks whether the user defined compressions of fenders are in increasing order. If not, the wrong value is removed and a warning is given in the DOS-box. The simulation will run, but with less points in the compression-load table (ANYM-338).

 aNyMoor v1.2.1 release date is 21 October 2013


Release v1.2

aNyMoor v1.2 is the successor of aNyMoor v1.1.6 which was only available for JIP participants. Now the software is also commercially available with a complete redesign of the workflow including:

  More information can be found below: