To activate the MARIN software product using the MARIN license server you need to:

First, you need to request a certificate-based license. To use certificate-based licensing only a license file is needed.  This license is fixed to a specific hardware ID of your server. To provide this hardware ID you need to execute the following command in a DOS window:

ipconfig/all > hostid.txt

Return the hostid.txt together with your request to:

To use certificate-based floating licenses a license manager is required. This license manager comes in two parts; the FLEXnet publisher license server and the MARIN license daemon. The MARIN license daemon requires the FLEXnet publisher license server 11.9 or higher. 

For installing and using the license server see: Installing the license server 

After successfully installing the license server the licenses are available to ‘float’ around the network.

If you received your MARIN software product on a DVD the Marin License Manager is included on the DVD.

To be able to use the floating license for the product on the PC's in the network you need to set the (optional) portnumber and the name of the license server.

Examples for finding the floating licenses:

set MARINLMD_LICENSE_FILE=27045@server

Sequence for finding a license file