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Many clients are requesting batch functionality in aNyMOOR, which can create, based on one prepared scenario, multiple scenarios with variations in the environment. To meet our clients, we prepared Matlab scripts which fulfil this functionality.

Please note that this is not part of the official delivery of aNyMOOR and is therefore not supported.

However the scripts are used regularly. Can you please keep us informed on bugs and/or suggestions for improvements.

The scripts can be found in


The table below gives an overview of the scripts and tools included in the attached zip-file.

File Description
Matlab\read_ini.m Script to import INI-file generated with aNyMOOR.
Matlab\write_ini.m Script to export an INI-file.
Matlab\read_anysim.m Script to import aNyMOOR samples results file.
SourceFiles\*.* Example source files which can be used in the matlab scripts
RunINI.bat Dos script to execute the aNySIM executable for batch calculation of a selected set of ini-files. The aNySIM executable only uses 1 core.
Matlab\examples.m Example script on how to use matlab for batch generation of input files regarding wind direction variation. The examples.m script can be opened in matlab and is self explanatory. It uses the above described scripts


The following work flow is proposed for calculating multiple cases. Prepare and calculate a base case with aNyMOOR

  1. Open matlab (not included) from the Matlab directory in which the scripts are located and import the base INI-file using read_ini.m.
  2. Generate and export INI-files for all cases to a single folder using write_ini.m
  3. Open a dos-prompt in the folder with all generated INI-files 
  4. Execute RunINI.bat.
    For each INI-file a folder will be created and the calculation will be executed in this folder.
    The RunINI.bat script can be started multiple times to use multiple cores.

In the examples.m file the above described steps are walked through including changing the wave direction for 8 ini-files (self explanatory). Similar batch functionality can be used for other variables. 

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