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H5M is an acronym for HDF5 MARIN Datasets File.

The data which it contains can have any available source at MARIN: Basin measurements, simulator runs, CFD calculations, full scale measurements and post-processing cq analysis of this data.

Important: Reading or writing H5M requires use of HDF5 libraries. Please check HDF5 Dependencies for version compliance.

This convention specifies how the content of a HDF5 file is organised for MARIN. For more information about HDF5 itself and for generic HDF5 viewers please visit

MARIN Internal use:

  • Exchange and access results of the measurements in the basins to data analysts for further processing.
  • Exchange results of simulations and calculations.
  • Exchange results of analysis and other post-processing of (raw) data between data analysts and between departments.

MARIN External use:

  • Exchange processed results of measurements, calculations, simulations or analysis with clients. (Portal, e-mail, ftp, …)

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