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Release aNyMOOR v1.2.7 - Februari 2016

  • Number of lines in the TermSim configuration is increased to 50.
  • Number of fenders  in the TermSim configuration is decreased to 20.


Release aNyMOOR v1.2.6 - October 2014

Bug fix v1.2.6:

  • The failures of hawsers didn't work (ANYMT-22) 


Release aNyMOOR v1.2.5 - September 2014

Bug fix v1.2.5:

  • When batch runs were started from a DOS-box with the BatchRunAnysimDLL.exe the batch looping process  stalled after each completed run. (ANYMT-21)


Release aNyMOOR v1.2.4 - August 2014

Bug fixes v1.2.4:

  • The draft was not properly accounted for in the direction of the normal of the fenders. The direction is kept in the range -pi..+pi to ensure correct values.
  • The index of the output signals of the X-, Y- and Z-components of the fender force was not correct (ANYMT-18).


Release aNyMOOR v1.2.3 - August 2014

Bug fixes v1.2.3: 

  • Wave spectrum input fields (Gamma, Sigma, Random seed) are now correctly greyed out depending on selection (ANYM 142)
  • When using a wave train, the keywords Hs, Tp and Waveseed will not be written to ini-file (ANYM 142)
  • The error "Failed to find the native call to the mooringline calculation" has been fixed (ANYM 344)
  • When using a wave train a warning message is shown when the wave train sample time is not equal or a multiple of the simulation time step (ANYM 330)
  • When a wave train is shorter than the simulation a clear error message is shown and the simulation won't start
  • For regular waves the random seed need not be set, the wrapper fills in a 1 because it is compulsory in aNySim (ANYM 336)
  • In the tab "Signal selection" the Min and Max values are now actually used, in previous versions only the default values were used (ANYM 349)
  • Minor database corrections when opening a new project (does not affect calculations)
  • When using a regular wave in combination with Aranha damping, the Aranha damping is switched off. User is notified
  • When using a regular wave as first wave input, the second wave input (swell) is disabled
  • When wave parameters are entered which are outside the permitted range, the user is notified

aNyMoor v1.2.3 release date is 18 February 2014.


Release aNyMOOR v1.2.2 - January 2014

Bug fixes v1.2.2: 

  • Fixed bug in fender normals (ANYM-342)
  • Small bug fixes.

aNyMoor v1.2.2 release date is 12 December 2013.


Release aNyMOOR v1.2.1 - October 2013

Bug fixes v1.2.1: 

  • Fixed wrong calculation of catenary span for MBM lines (ANYM-333)
  • aNyMoor provides a warning when z=0 is defined for anchor points. Fixes crash (ANYM-334)
  • User defined material properties are now copied correctly when defining a leg with small diameter changes (ANYM-335)
  • aNyMoor now calculates the fender normals in the direction from connection 1 to connection 2 (ANYM-337).
  • aNyMoor now checks whether the user defined compressions of fenders are in increasing order. If not, the wrong value is removed and a warning is given in the DOS-box. The simulation will run, but with less points in the compression-load table (ANYM-338).

aNyMoor v1.2.1 release date is 21 October 2013


Release aNyMOOR v1.2 - January 2013

aNyMoor v1.2 is the successor of aNyMoor v1.1.6 which was only available for JIP participants. Now the software is also commercially available with a complete redesign of the workflow including: