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Release aNyMOOR v1.2.2

Bug fixes v1.2.2: 

  • Fixed bug in fender normals (ANYM-342)
  • Small bug fixes.

aNyMoor v1.2.2 release date is 12 December 2013.


Release aNyMOOR v1.2.1

Bug fixes v1.2.1: 

  • Fixed wrong calculation of catenary span for MBM lines (ANYM-333)
  • aNyMoor provides a warning when z=0 is defined for anchor points. Fixes crash (ANYM-334)
  • User defined material properties are now copied correctly when defining a leg with small diameter changes (ANYM-335)
  • aNyMoor now calculates the fender normals in the direction from connection 1 to connection 2 (ANYM-337).
  • aNyMoor now checks whether the user defined compressions of fenders are in increasing order. If not, the wrong value is removed and a warning is given in the DOS-box. The simulation will run, but with less points in the compression-load table (ANYM-338).

aNyMoor v1.2.1 release date is 21 October 2013