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In this tab a damping file can be imported. A damping file contains linear and quadratic damping coefficients for six degrees of freedom. These coefficients are put at the main diagonal of the damping matrices; off-diagonal terms are not applied in aNyMOOR. The damping coefficients can be the results of decay tests, for example. Using a damping file is not obligatory.
The file should contain two columns, separated by spaces and/or tabs. The first column contains linear damping coefficients for all 6 degrees of freedom, the second column contains quadratic damping coefficients. The units of the linear damping coefficients are [kN/m/s] and [kNm/rad/s], the units of the quadratic coefficients are [kN/(m/s)2] and [kNm/(rad/s)2]. Here is an example showing linear damping for surge, sway, roll and yaw.