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  • At the leg panel under the "Anchoring systems" node a seabed slope can be given for the calculation of the leg characteristics. This angle is given in degrees but aNyMoor uses it as given in radians; it is multiplied with 180 / pi. So for example an inputted angle of 10 degrees is used as being 572.958 degrees in the calculations. Work-around: enter the seabed slope in radians instead of in degrees.
  • In 3 Hyd-files of TermSim there is a wrong value of the water depth at the IDENT record: M1C1WD4, M3LC2WD3 and M3LC3WD4.
  • SPM buoy damping is not yet validated
  • Extra switch in GUI to handle slack line in line dynamics not yet present (ANYM-107)
  • 3D visualizer (aNyMOOR.Dynfloat) can be slow
  • The reference names in output files are not consistent
  • In case one or more elements of the dynamic mooring lines are compressed instead of strained significantly due to large motions at the fairleads or at the seabed, it can cause numerical instabilities when the compressions are too large. A message is provided in that case.