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Table of Government & Open-Source AIS Data Sources

In addition to the sources listed below, it may be possible to obtain data sets from the responsible agency of a country whose water's are of interest. This will likely entail an application and justification process.


Global Coastal

Coverage Map

Raw NMEA AIS data sharing centre; only contains current data of ships in range and geographic statistics organized by receiving station. Users must regularly query the system for current data and store it on their own.

Requires contribution of data feed in order to gain access to the community of sources


AIS open

MarineCadastreNOAA Bureau of Ocean Energy ManagementUS CoastalHistorical, anonymous data (encrypted MMSI, call sign, & vessel name) of US waters 2009-14 from the US Coast Guard. Downloadable or viewable in free online "National Viewer 3.0" tool. Free data handling tools also available.

Download in GIS software format (.dgb); NMEA not available)

FreeAIS government USA

Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission

Baltic SeaThe whole Baltic Sea area has been covered by land-based AIS stations since 1 July 2005. HELCOM has a regional system for real-time traffic surveillance and statistics.Access to the system is granted to user groups that contact the secretariate.FreeAIS government europe
CruiseMapperCruiseMapperWorldLocation, tracking, and particulars of major cruise vesselsData is not unique; can also be found in free features of commercial sources.FreeAIS cruise
UKlive vessel movements from around the UK derived from AIS dataProbably not unique data
AIS free
marinecadastreUS CoastguardUS U.S. coastal waters for calendar years 2009 through 2017. Records are filtered to one minute and formatted in zipped, monthly files by Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) zone. Ship name and call sign fields have been removed, and the MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) field has been encrypted for the 2010 through 2014 data

AIS free
dmaDMADenmarkHistorical and real-time AIS data
Web access, annual fee proxy, annual fee AIS governement Denmark
kystverketkystverketNorwayFree viewer, other data otherwise upon request, acceptance depends on purpose of use.

AIS governement Norway

AustraliaHistorical terrestrial and satellite dataDownload from siteFreeAIS governement Australia
Chinareal time data.

AIS governement China

Table of Private & Commercial AIS Data Sources

They may provide a limited set of features for free, but their primary functions and datasets are commercialized and must be purchased.

Marine TrafficMarine TrafficGlobal

Historical data since 2009.
Terrestrial and satellite AIS data.

Blog post and email contact regarding AIS data for research.

(Historical) or Subscription (Live) or api services via credits

AIS private
VesselFinderVesselFinder Ltd.Global CoastalReal time data streaming (NMEA) and API (XML/JSON) services as well as historical terrestrial data (NMEA/CSV) on ship positions since 2009. Site includes vessel and port directories with images. Also real time satellite AIS data. And possibility to become a partner by adding your own AIS-receiving station. Same data as VTExplorer. See more on the time resolution under that provider.

Credit (Historical) terrestrial or

Subscription (Live) for a real time viewer of satellite data,

API's for terrestrial and satellite data via credit or monthly fee.

AIS private
ExactAIS ArchiveExactAISGlobal Satellite AIS, from July 2010. Also near-realtime data possible. Also specific AIS class B tracking.

Credit or Subscription

Indication: 340 dollar/ship/year

AIS private
FleetMonown terrestrial, satellite via ExactEarthGlobal satellite and terrestrial, real time and historical. Probably limited number of terrestrial stations. Database has better consistency starting in 2014.
Credit or SubscriptionAIS private

Orbcomm satellite

partners for terrestrial AIS


Terrestrial and satellite AIS data services.

  • own satellite constellation with 16 gateways around the world.
  • Partnerships with terrestrial AIS providers, with 10,000+ receivers around the world.
  • Proven reliability in congested waterways, ports and open ocean

Data from 2014 in production system. Older data is more difficult for them.

AIS private
CloudeoOrbcomm/MaerospaceGlobalNear real-time feed of ship positions ten times more accurate than raw Automatic Identification System (AIS) datasets. Based on combined terrestrial and satellite AIS data.
Subscription periodAIS private
CloudeospacequestGlobalSatellite AIS archive
Upon requestAIS private
SRT Marine
Globalsatellite data – Radar, AIS, IR, Optical, Tracking etc – from multiple sources. Looks like they provide solutions, not data.

AIS private

Satellite AIS data, also terrestrial data possible. Many small satellites. Mainly focusing of real time data, but historical data sets are also available. Not sure about the processing quality.

Reliable satellite data from 2017.

Upon requestAIS private

Real time and historical data, terrestrial and satellite

No information about algorithms/methods.

data services or online accountsAIS private

Real time and since 2009.

Terrestrial: jan 2009 - dec 2011: 1-hour, only ships with IMO number; since 2012: 5 minutes, all MMSI numbers, Since October 2014: 30 seconds, Since April 2018: all received records.

Satellite data: mid 2016-mid 2017, again from November 2018.

No information about algorithms/methods.

Looks like this is the company behind VesselFinder. Some pages on their sites are exactly similar.

real time via subscription, historical data or time streams by requestAIS private
globalsatellite. Looks like it's not active anymore.
via partnersAIS private
globalsatellite and terrestrial, real time and historical. Probably limited number of terrestrial stations
custom solutionsAIS private
globalsatellite and terrestrial data, both real time and historical

AIS private
globalhistorical satellite and terrestrial data, also real time data
custom solutionsAIS private
globalsatellite and terrestrial data, both real time and historical

AIS private

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