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In this tab the simulation can be viewed as a 2D animation.

Above the plot there are options to manipulate the animation:

  • Play ratio: this sets which frames are plotted. If it's 1 then each time step of the simulation is plotted, if it's 2 every second time step is plotted, etc.
  • Generate echoes: when selected the contour of the vessel remains visible at the selected time rate. This helps viewing the envelope of the vessel's motions.
  • Echo update rate: this sets the time rate at which the echoes are plotted. 
  • Magnification factor: the amplitude of the motions can be magnified up to ten times with the slider bar.
  • Generate snapshots for movie: when this check box is selected it is possible to save the animation to a file with the "Export as movie" button, see below.

At the centre bottom of the plot there are small buttons with which the view can be manipulated: zoom-in and -out (magnifying glass buttons), restore initial view (home button), panning  (hand button) and rubber band zooming (rectangular-with-arrow button). Note that when the panning button is selected it replaces the rubber band zooming button and vice versa: only one of the two buttons is visible.
To the right of these buttons there is also a button with a camera: it allows saving the current view to a jpg-file.

In the bottom left corner of the panel there are the standard video playing buttons: start playing, pause and stop playing. To the right of these buttons there is the "Export as movie" button.This button is only active when the "Generate snapshots for movie" check box above the plot is selected. This button should be used after playing the animation. When pressed the animation can be saved to a mov-file.


The wind, wave and current directions are only shown in case their amplitudes are not zero.

Screen capture and video recording are not supported on Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver.




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