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Time traces

In the Time traces tab time traces can be plotted of the selected signals. A pull-down menu shows the available signals. The signal list contains a basic data set and an extended data set. The basic data set contains vessel position, motions, line forces and fender forces. When the check box "Use extended dataset" is selected the environmental signals are added to the list: wave height and direction, wind speed and direction and current layer speed and direction.

When in a Dynfloat run line dynamics are applied and the check box "Generate element node signals" is selected, the extended data set contains also for each node in the mooring legs the X-Y-Z position and tension.

The lower and upper boundaries of the time and Y-axes can be adjusted to zoom-in at the graph. Multiple lines can be plotted in one plot. When a signal is selected and plotted it is removed from the pull-down list. After clearing the plot with the "Clear" button all signals are put back in the list.

The plot can be saved as a png-file with the "Save As" button.


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