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In this tab fairleads and reference points on a vessel can be defined:

  1. Fairleads:
    The fairleads are used to connect mooring and hawser lines to vessels and are defined by x,y,z-position. A bollard can be simulated by defining a "length on deck" (see note). In the column "label" a user defined name can be tagged to the fairlead for easy reference in the "Mooring system"-leaf of the "Anchoring systems"-node.
  2. Reference points:
    Reference points are used as addtional points of which motions, velocities and accelerations will be calculated. The time traces of these properties will be logged in the samples file when they are selected in the "Signal selection"-tab under the “Run list” node.


In the 2D plot a selection can be made to show either the fairleads, the reference points or both.


All positions are defined with reference to the keelpoint, midship and centreline. See also co-ordinate system.

The difference between bollards and fairleads is that in the fairlead positions the forces are applied to the vessel. The extra length to the bollards is used in the total line length with regard to the elongation- load curve.

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