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Output files

At the Output files tab all files are shown which were used and generated by the run. All files are in ASCII and can be opened by double-clicking with the mouse. When the "Remove output" button is pressed all files will be deleted.

File name Description 
<run name>.ini aNySim input file with the complete model description
<run name>.rep aNySim output file with input review and run statistics
WindCoef_<vessel name>.ini

file with wind coefficients, present when wind is applied

CurrentCoef_<vessel name>.ini file with current coefficients, present when current is applied
samples.txt  ASCII file with signal time traces
f900.log log file
messages.txt log file
status.txt file with run status (i.e. success, failed) and messages of signal level exceedences
StaticShapes_Mooring_1.txt file with node positions and tensions of all anchor lines in the mooring system
DesignShape_Line_#.shp file with line node positions and water depth



Depending on the file, the following names are used (see Known bugs):

  • Moored vessel, buoy: either body 1 or FPSO
  • Approaching vessels: either body 2 or shuttle 



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