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In this tab the contour of the imported hydrodynamic object can be specified. The ‘Generate basic contour’ button will generate a default contour based on the LPP, Beam and Draft given in the "Ship data"-tab. The user can always decide to change these data in the generated tables. 

The contour is used in the "Positions"-tab, the "Design parameters"-leaf of the "Anchoring systems."-node and the "Configurations"-node, where after pressing the “Show top view” button a top view is shown of the vessel and its mooring lines. The contour is also used in the "Visualizer"-tab in the "Run list"-node, where a top view animation is shown of the vessel’s motions.

The contour is drawn with respect to mid ship. See the section on co-ordinate systems.

The numbering of contour points and fairleads is shown in the top and side views.


The contour is only used for visualization to check the input and for the 2D animation to show the vessel's motions. It has no physical properties.

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