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aNyMOOR is a time domain simulation program to analyse the dynamic behaviour of tankers in combination with offshore mooring systems subject to wind, waves and current. The mooring system can be:

  • Spread Mooring (Dynfloat)
  • Turret Mooring (Dynfloat)
  • Single Point Mooring, or SPM (Termsim),
  • Multi Buoy Mooring, or MBM (Termsim)
  • Jetty terminal (Termsim).

The program predicts the mooring loads and tanker motions when the system is exposed to wind, waves and current.

aNyMOOR is standard delivered with a large number of HYD-files, containing the hydrodynamic properties of several tankers with different waterdepth / draft ratios, plus a HYD-file of a CALM buoy. The latter can be used in a Single Point Mooring.

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