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In the top right corner, right of the 'Browse', you will find the "log In" icon (it is difficult to spot because of the white letters on the light grey background)Image Removed.

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Once logged in, you have only access to the product manuals for the products you have purchased.


For each product the on-line information consists of:

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  • Release notes: A supplementary document that is distributed with the software product and shared with customers detailing the changes or enhancement made to the product (bug-fixes, additional features). Release notes can also contain test results and information about the test procedure. After reading the release notes for a specific product version it must be clear which enhancements and/or changes are included in this version. 
  • Getting startedThis section provides help in getting the MARIN software product installed and operational. It describes the installation of the MARIN software product and how to activate the MARIN software product. Product activation is necessary because each MARIN software product requires a license. 
  • User's GuideThe User's Guide is the actual guide for using the MARIN software product. 
  • Developer resourcesItems in the Developer Resources are not part of the regular documentation pages for the MARIN software product. Pages under this Developer Resources are restricted to specific user groups and they are NOT visible to all users. These pages can contain specific theoretical manuals, implementation details or other non-public product resources.